Everything you want your
business to be. Honestly.

Proud history, promising future.

With 291 locations across Canada, OK Tire is the largest independent tire retailer in the country. Our philosophy is the same as it was when we started in 1953 – dealers are stronger together.

Strengthen your business.

In additional to joining a nationally-recognized brand, you can help grow your customer base with tools like:

  • Emergency Roadside Services of Canada
  • Just in Case warranty program
  • COSTAR Shop Management Software

You’re an owner and shareholder

OK Tire’s franchise model gives you an equal voting share in a multi-million dollar company. You reap the benefits of profit sharing, benefit from better purchase prices, and receive national exposure. Talk about strength in numbers.

A business model for everyone.

Whether you currently have a business background, own a tire and mechanical business or want to grow your business base, we make the transition to OK Tire seamless. Contact a local Franchise Development Manager today.

You’re part of the conversation.

Franchisees also benefit from our social media activity that:

  • Has an established and engaged audience of 6,500+ potential customers
  • Demonstrates leadership and a forward thinking attitude
  • Leads the competition
  • Leverages various consumer promotions and contests that promote strong brand and customer loyalty