Can I choose what products I carry?

Absolutely. You can customize your product lines and services based on the markets you serve, and with a huge range of tire brands and mechanical services to choose from you’ll be able to offer your customers a broad selection of product and services.

Does OK Tire offer any exclusive products?

Yes. Exclusive products are one way you can offer added value to your business. We offer exclusive tire products from some of our major manufactures.

Do you offer National Accounts?

OK Tire offers National Accounts for medium truck, farm, OTR, industrial, fleet lease and government clients. One more way you can attract new customers – and keep them.

What kind of HR support do I get?

OK Tire offers a number of tools to help manage your employees and provide opportunities for growth and development. These include online assessment tools, web-based training, and employee benefits.

Who owns OK Tire?

The franchise owners are the shareholders of OK Tire Inc.

Are there Royalty fees or monthly fees to belonging to OK Tire?

No, there is no royalty fee or monthly fee for belonging to OK Tire, there is an initial startup fee for joining OK Tire and becoming a Shareholder then you share in the profits of OK Tire Inc.

How does OK Tire help with my purchasing?

One of the advantages in partnering with OK Tire is not only the access you have to a wide selection of products, but OK Tire negotiates all buying arrangements with the manufacturer to make it easy for the Dealer to just purchase needed product from one of our distribution centers. . You get maximum discounts with supply chain management and our Costar system helps with online ordering, fitment guides and up-to-the-minute pricing. You also know what’s available and when you can get it.

How does the advertising work?

OK Tire has a unique model for helping market your store. Through co-op dollars from the products you sell and the support of regional advertising groups, you have access to ready-to-use, high-quality advertising and marketing materials. In addition to these ‘hard-working’ materials, OK Tire runs national advertising campaigns that help build awareness of the brand in the mind of consumers.

How does licensing work?

The License agreement is for the protection of the Shareholders. (Possibly You). Every OK Tire store owner must sign an agreement for franchise licensing without variation that covers – among other things – the use of the OK Tire name and trademarks, the term length, start-up costs, operation standards, trade secrets, and your OK Tire share. Details of the agreement are explained in-person by an OK Tire Franchise Development Manager

How do I get started?

Contact the Franchise Development Manager for your area and to arrange a franchise presentation or complete the application attached and a Franchise Development Manager will contact you.

What kind of support do I receive when I start?

You get help every step of the way. OK Tire has a team that helps you with the set-up, merchandising, systems training, product training, Grand opening and more. Once your store is in full operation representatives will continue to work with you to help improve your business.