“It has been great having the opportunity to take various learning seminars such as financial workshops to boost our sales and success. The integration of Costar into our business has been one of the greatest advantages to help advance our company.”
Rod Hussey
Fredericton, NB

“When it came time to buy my business, the branding and reputation of the company were very important to me. OK Tire’s structure, along with the brands and suppliers it works with, allows me to remain competitive. OK Tire has given me all the tools I need to succeed.”
Carol Chenel
St. Bruno, PQ

“Overall, the programs I have been involved with and taken advantage of through OK Tire have been very, very beneficial. I would like to thank the OK Tire team for helping us grow.”
David Santing,
Windsor, ON

“Programs like the Good, Better, Best categories, Aeroplan and Direct Select dealer program have helped increase our profits. OK Tire head office staff are the best in their field and they help you grow your franchise and be the best you can be.”
Stewart Klement
Coquitlam, BC