Common Questions

Let’s face it: most of us don’t know much about our vehicles. Ask someone the difference between a catalytic converter and a pitman arm and they’ll likely give you a very confused look.

That’s where we come in. We know this stuff so you don’t have to. At every OK Tire location you’ll get great service, good value and straightforward advice. Honestly.

We’re experts in under-car maintenance; all the important stuff like brakes, exhaust, shocks, struts and tires to keep your car safe. We also make sure all your wear items like filters and wipers are working at their best, which keeps your car running smoothly and efficiently.

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The power of preventative maintenance

At OK Tire, we’re big believers in preventative maintenance. That means addressing issues before you find yourself broken down in a blizzard. Stop into any OK Tire service location and we can inspect your vehicle, then recommend which items should be fixed and which ones can wait.

Nobody likes fixing what doesn’t appear broken, but preventative maintenance has important advantages:

  • Your car will be safer
  • You can prevent more costly breakdowns
  • Your fuel consumption will be lower
  • You can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • You can protect your warranty
  • Your vehicle holds its resale value

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