All Season Tires

July 5, 2016 Professional Advice

Designed to adequately handle all temperate weather conditions; all season tires are typically the most popular choice of customers.

Traditionally sold for year round performance, All Season Tires are actually intended for moderate weather where the temperature does not drop below 7°C. In Canada, a typical ‘All Season Tire’ performs at its optimal level during the more temperate months of April-September.At the 7°C point, the rubber compounds in All Season tires harden, reducing traction and braking ability require a Winter Tire for snow, slush and ice functioning.

Within the All Season Category there are a variety of additional factors that consumers can consider:

  • Low Rolling Resistance for Fuel Economy
  • Reduced siping and groves for ride comfort and reduced road noise
  • Long tread life for high mileage use
  • Run-Flat
  • Varying degrees of performance

All Season Tires come standard as Original Equipment on a wide variety of popular compact and full size cars, CUV’s, SUVs, and light trucks.

Note- Many higher end coupes and sedans are being fitted with High Performance (HP) and Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires due to their higher speed ratings and handling abilities.

Difference between All Season and Winter Tires

The primary differences between All Season and winter tires are the rubber compounds used to build the tire, and the biting edges and siping for traction and evacuation in the tread design.

All Season Tires are made from a compound that will function well when faced with varying environmental conditions; however, are not the best option for either extreme.

Many Canadian Highways will not permit vehicles using All Seasons Tires without chains during the winter months.

Difference between All Season and Performance Tires

Unlike High Performance or summer tires, which are built to excel in handling in warmer months; All Season Tires are intended to fit a variety of needs into one tire- excelling in only a few characteristics.

The siping and grooves in All Season Tires are different than those of Performance tires, due to the need for water evacuation over cornering and speed requirements.