5 things your car could be telling you this spring

Those new “shake, rattle and roll” noises coming from your vehicle are important sounds to pay attention to after a long winter and one too many potholes.
It’s always worth having a technician check out your vehicle. The problems may be minor, but if you ignore what your car is telling you it could create major concerns down the road.
Here are five common vehicle noises to be vigilant about:

1. Shimmy, shimmy, shake

If your steering wheel shudders a lot and you’re hearing louder than normal tire noise, it could mean your tires need balancing. If the vehicle is still not driving smoothly after your tires have been balanced, it usually means you must have your wheel alignment and suspension looked after.

2. Just scraping by

If you’re hearing loud, scraping noises as you slow down or make a turn, it’s a good chance your vehicle’s brakes need attention. When brakes start to wear out, you will hear about it. If the squealing has turned into scraping, that usually indicates metal rubbing against metal. The brake pads may be worn out and every time you brake one of the rotors is being damaged. Give your brakes a break and have them checked seasonally — spring and fall.

3. Start your engines

If your car’s idling mimics what you hear at the Daytona 500, chances are your fuel injection system could use a cleaning or your ignition system is acting up. Your automotive specialist can smooth things over by checking for an ignition failure.

4. Leave the chirping for the birds

When your car starts to chirp or squeal when you step on the gas, it usually means a loose or slipping belt.

5. When you can’t hear the radio

Loud rumbling or rattling exhaust noises beneath your car probably mean there is a hole somewhere in the system. The solution could be fixing your muffler or catalytic converter, or as simple as putting a new clamp on a loose pipe.

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