On the road again: Tips for the family getaway

A trip to the cottage or a weekend camping getaway is a must for any Canadian. Whether it’s a summer vacation loaded with beach fun or a fall cottage escape to warm up with a campfire, there’s nothing like a family road trip.
Road trips have enough logistics to work around – let us simplify things with some handy tips. From maximizing your packing room to protecting your car from muddy shoes, these tips are sure to make preparing for that weekend getaway a breeze.

1. Pack efficiently

When packing for a cottage getaway, you probably won’t need enough outfits for a runway show or a stack of books you’ll never get through. Make a list of the essentials and work from this list while you pack. Need to maximize your space? A cargo carrier can attach to the back of your vehicle and help you pack even more for your trip.

2. Safety first

Maximize your fun while keeping safety in mind by keeping an up-to-date first aid kit as well as an automotive toolkit in your vehicle. You never know when you’re going to need it! A truck toolbox is a good option for fitting right in the bed of your truck and taking up minimal space.

3. Snacks galore

A family trip to the cottage means the engine won’t be the only thing rumbling. Hungry bellies will make themselves known, and there’s something about being on the road that gets the appetite going. Make sure to pack some road snacks and bottles of water to keep everyone hydrated, full and happy.

4. Make it easy

Have a truck or SUV as your family vehicle? Make packing up for the weekend and getting in and out of it a breeze for the little ones by installing a set of nerf bars. These handy accessories are not only a great way to make your vehicle more accessible during those road trip pit stops but can also protect your vehicle from damage on unpaved roads.

5. Keep things clean

Cleaning your vehicle out before and after your getaway is guaranteed to keep you sane, letting you focus on the rest of the trip. Want to keep things clean? Try a protective floor mat to keep your vehicle free from muddy shoes and dirty bare feet.

6. Plan for fun

At the end of the day, a family getaway should be jam-packed with good times! Keep the kids entertained with road games, stay positive and have fun. Don’t forget to bump lots of road tunes to make the ride epic. Check out OK Tire’s Perfect Summer Road Trip playlist on Spotify!
Follow these tips and your getaway is sure to be a hit. A cottage weekend is a must for any Canadian family, and OK Tire is here to help you get on your way.

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