Most tire and automotive service providers will recommend a wheel alignment with the purchase of new tires. While it may seem like it is a costly up-sale, wheel alignments are recommended to protect your new purchase from premature wear, as well as ensuring the best possible ride comfort.

A wheel alignment consists of adjusting the caster, camber and toe angles of your wheel. While each angle has a specific effect on your driving comfort and tire wear, having an incorrect toe angle is the primary cause of premature tire wear, as it forces the vehicle to push the tire tread sideways while driving straight.  A vehicle with a toe angle just 1/8 inch out is equal to dragging a tire sideways 28 feet for every 1.6kms, resulting in significant wear in a short period.

Also, drivers who do not receive a wheel alignment service at the time of purchase may fault their tires for poor performance and ride quality; when a simple adjustment is all that is needed.

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