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OK Tire has been part of the Canadian landscape since 1953. Today, we are now the largest independent tire and auto service retailer in Canada. Search for a store near you.


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Tires aren’t just there to hold air. They’re an integral part of your vehicle’s safety. We offer a wide range of quality tires that deliver maximum comfort, tread life, and security.

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Auto Service

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Although we have tire in our name, that’s not all we do! We’ve got you covered with full auto services that protects your warranty.

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We offer a full range of high-performance parts and accessories for your car, SUV, or light truck.

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We offer tires and services for commercial, construction, industrial, fleets, off-road, mining, forestry, and farm vehicles/equipment.

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The data presented is specific to users who visited and who have selected your location as their store, have contacted you directly or have been identified by the Auto Detect store locator.
Important note: should a user override the automatic detection locations feature by choosing a different store, it’s then the last setting that would be accounted for. This is the closest indication of traffic that was generated in your area and relevant to your store.

Please find below a quick summary of each metric:

  • User Sessions: The total number of visits within the date range.
  • Users Who Completed a Tire or Wheel Search: The number of users who completed a search for tires or wheels within the date range.
  • Users Who Submitted a Tire/Wheel Quote Request: The number of tire or wheel quotes the store received in the date range. The count may not match exactly to the number of quotes received in the stores email as Analytics cannot track users who don’t have JavaScript enabled; users navigating away from a page before tracking codes can execute; or finally, Google Analytics only tracks 1 Goal completion per Goal Type for each user’s session, therefore if a user submits 5 unique quote requests during a single session, Google Analytics will only record it as 1.
  • Users Who Printed a Tire/Wheel Quote: The number of users who clicked on the “Print” button on the “My List” page within the date range. Note that Google Analytics can only track users who printed the page by clicking this button; users who clicked CTRL + P on their keyboard, or used a similar alternate method to print the quote page.
  • Users Who Viewed the Contact Us Page: The number of Users who visited the Contact Us page within the date range.
  • Users Who Clicked on a Telephone Link: The unique number of times (max of 1 per user per session) the store telephone link was clicked within the date range.
  • Users Who Clicked on an SMS Link Click: The unique number of times (max of 1 per user per session) the store text link was clicked within the date range.
  • Users Who Submitted a Schedule Appointment Request: The number of appointment request leads sent to the store within the date range.

Please find below a summary of each metric found in your Tire Selector Monthly Report:

  • Total Number of Searches: This is the total number of searches performed (users that entered a search and clicked on “Find Your Tires Now”). This includes searches by vehicle, tire size, and front and rear tire sizes.
  • Actionable Leads (Follow Up Requested): This is the total number of potential tire sales – these users either printed or emailed a tire quote and specifically requested a follow up from your location.
  • Total ($) from Actionable Leads: The is the potential amount of sales made if all quotes led to a final sale/transaction.
  • Quotes Submitted for Tires without Price: This is the total number of times a user submitted a quote for tires without pricing and requested a follow-up (with their contact information included). This means that tires have not been priced and the setting “Show Tires Without Price” is still turned on. The goal should be to decrease this metric to 0 and have pricing set up for all tires, and ensure that the setting “Show Tires Without Price” is turned off.
  • Appointment Requests: The total number of appointment requests submitted along with their tire quote.
  • Searches by Vehicle: The total number of searches performed by vehicle.
  • Search Results by Vehicle: Top 10 vehicles searched.
  • Searches by Tire Size: The total number of searches performed by tire size.
  • Search Results by Tire Size: Top 10 tire sizes searched.
  • Filter Search Results by Manufacturer: The total number of times a user filtered their search results by a specific manufacturer.
  • Tires Added to Quote Summary Page: The top 10 tires that users added to their quote (users that clicked on “See Out-the-Door Price”).

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Territory Manager.