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OK Tire stores are staffed to manage tire programs such as:
Tire Maintenance advice
There are many factors that affect the life of a truck tire. Proper tire maintenance will allow for optimum tire performance and casing longevity.
Factors include; air pressure, valve stem caps, balance, alignment, proper rotations and tire matching
Load and inflation
OK Tire stores will recommend the proper tire inflation for the operating load
Smart Way information
OK Tire stores carry a wide range of Smartway approved tires for Smartway compliancy
Alignment information
Proper alignment is key to optimum tire performance. This includes all the axles that are on the road. Including Tractors and Trailers.
Fuel efficiency information
OK Tire stores carry a wide range of fuel efficient tires. Low rolling resistance tires can save fuel, if fuel efficient tires are suitable for the application.
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