Towing and Hitches

Trailer Hitches are an accessory that is attached to the rear of a vehicle, to provide the ability for towing a variety of different loads behind it. 

As a result, Trailer Hitches are available in an array of different styles that each offers a diverse range of towing and cargo needs. The 2 most common types of Hitches are:

  • Trailer Hitch, this is the most common hitch at is typically mounted the frame of the vehicle and are most commonly used to tow/carry a small recreational/cargo trailers within 1,000-15,000 lbs
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch, designed for heavy duty towing. These hitches are mounted to the bed of the truck and medium to larger recreational/cargo trailers within 15,000-30,000 lbs.

Ask your Service Advisor to see the variety of Trailer Hitches available through OK Tire.