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OK Tire has been part of the Canadian landscape since 1953. Today, we are now the largest independent tire and auto service retailer in Canada. Search for a store near you.

Auto Service
Auto Service

Certified & Professional Auto Services

Although we have tire in our name, that’s not all we do! We’ve got you covered with full auto services that protects your warranty.


Commercial, Farm, Mining & More.

We offer tires and services for commercial, construction, industrial, fleets, off-road, mining, forestry, and farm vehicles/equipment.


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OK Tire Stores Inc.
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Your One Time Shop For All Automotive Maintenance Needs
We’re Here To Help
We’re confident in what we do because we do it well and do it for you. Your vehicle is in good hands, here’s why.
Our certified technician know exactly what your vehicle needs. Our team of highly trained technicians will provide use the top equipment to service your vehicle and give you excellent advice to help keep your vehicle running smoothly and everyone in the vehicle safe.
Our certified technician know exactly what your vehicle needs.
We’ve got you covered with a 12-month/20,000km North American warranty program. 12-month/20,000km North American warranty program when your vehicle is serviced at any of our OK Tire stores across Canada.
We’ve got you covered with a 12-month/20,000km North American warranty program.
Our happy customers keeps us going. We will book your upcoming maintenance appointments in advance and we only conduct approved work. We’ve got you covered from top to tires with full auto service that protects your warranty.
Our happy customers keeps us going.
  • We are automotive experts, “from top to tires” as we say.
  • We stand firmly behind the quality of our work. Guaranteed.
  • We’ve been part of the Canadian landscape since 1953.
  • We are 100% Canadian owned and operated.
  • We have over 300 stores from coast to coast.
  • We stand firmly behind our quality of work.
    Pay with ease
    Maintenance & Repair
    The book your service and get 12 Months or 20,000 KM’s coverage, on most services and repairs.
    Car Accessories
    Personalize your vehicle with a full range of high-performance parts and accessories from the best suppliers in the industry.
    We recommend having your alignment checked on an annual basis. Well aligned wheels will help with fuel economy and prevent premature tire wear.
    Car Battery
    It’s critical that all three components of your vehicle’s electrical system work in harmony with each other. Regular maintenance and preventative measures can help ensure that a small problem doesn’t turn into a costly repair.
    Our certified technicians perform both a visual and hands-on analysis of the brake’s systems to determine the required maintenance or repair to ensure an efficient and working brake system.
    Climate Control
    Prevent blockages or leaks with regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems to maintain proper refrigerant and lubrication levels.
    Cooling System
    Maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system at the recommended intervals will help extend the longevity of your vehicle and prevent your engine from overheating.
    Diesel Service
    Our diesel technicians are ready to service and repair your diesel engines in a timely and efficient manner.
    Drive Train
    Our certified technicians are trained to inspect and repair drivetrain components for two-wheel, four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles.
    Electrical Service
    Our certified technicians are trained to troubleshoot and repair your vehicle’s electrical system.
    On Board Computer Diagnostics
    Have your vehicle diagnosed by one of our qualified OK Tire automotive technicians. They will use modern diagnostic equipment to determine where in the system the issue is by diagnosing failures in either the control units or the parts they are monitoring.
    The exhaust system is responsible for removing several different emissions from your vehicle and should be inspected regularly, especially if there is an unusual noise.
    Vehicle Inspection
    Our certified technicians will complete a multi-point inspection report that will confirm what’s in good working condition, identify what needs future attention or should be addressed immediately.
    Oil Change / Lubrication
    Routine oil changes are one of the most important things owners can do to protect the life of their vehicle and maintain its warranty.
    Shocks & Struts
    Our certified technicians are trained to service, repair and replace your shocks and structs as needed to keep your drive safe and smooth.
    Steering & Suspension
    Steering and suspension systems are important for your safety and comfort. Our qualified technicians will inspect and recommend the right repairs or upgrades to make sure they’re functioning optimally.
    Custom Wheels
    Whether your priority is style or functionality, we’ve got the perfect set of wheels to suit your vehicle.
    Wheel / Rim & Hardware Service
    An experienced technician will do a visual inspection, then use advanced equipment that can pinpoint problems with infrared laser technology and diagnostic capabilities.
    Shuttle Service
    Don’t want to wait around while your vehicle is in the shop? Have errands to run? Take advantage of our shuttle service.
    Tire Storage
    Proper tire storage and care is a must to extend the life of your tires. We can give your tires a good home so you don’t have to store or worry about them, not to mention, they’ll be here waiting for you when you’re ready to swap them back for the next season.
    Fleet Inspection
    Fleet inspections are a cost-saving and safety-conscious initiative that can reduce downtime, lower unscheduled maintenance cost and help avoid unexpected repairs.
    Electric Cars
    Construction & Industrial
    Forklifts, zoom booms, backhoes – no matter what your specialty, we’ve got you covered.
    Large RV (2000 kg +)
    Small RV (- de 2000 kg)
    From tires to brakes, motor to electrical, and everything in between, our trained experts are here for all your service and maintenance needs.
    Utility Trailer
    Whether you need tires, service or maintenance, our trained experts are ready to take care of your utility trailer.
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