All-Weather Tires
certified for Winter

All-Weather Tires are becoming increasingly popular as their flexibility and design benefit a variety of drivers and driving preferences.

Designed to handle both All-Season and Winter conditions, All-Weather Tires concentrate their compound and tread patterns on light to moderate rain, ice and snow conditions, resulting in a tire that contains the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake designation, and can be used year-round. Like Winter tires, all-weather tires must pass stringent tests; this is why most carry the 3PMS symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) to designate that they have qualified for the highest traction ratings available on snow or ice conditions.

All-Weather tires benefit consumers who chose to swap to traditional winter tires late fall, as the compounds reduce the urgency to beat the snow, ice and potentially long waits at your auto service providers. Likewise, drivers can swap off winters without being too concerned about a late spring change in the weather as they maintain the winter tire attributes.

Drivers who choose to go with an All-Weather over a traditional winter tire experience the benefits of traction and control in cold conditions with or without ice and snow, and do not have to worry about storing the second set of tires or any seasonal changeovers. Either way, All-Weather Tires are a strong contender.

Ask your Service Advisor about the selection of All-Weather tires and if they are a good fit for your vehicle and driving habits. 

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