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You might use your ATV for trailblazing through the southern plains with your friends, heading to the lake for a weekend getaway, or simply to explore nature. You might also rely on your machine to get the job done. No matter what purpose it serves, we are here to help you choose the right tire for your machine. Tires that can handle an adventure, or personal acreage task, we have a great assortment to chose from to suit multi-terrain conditions, mud bogs, sandy dunes or those rocky hills. Canada has some great terrain to explore so let us help you get out there with confidence.

Choosing the right tire for your ATV doesn’t have to be overwhelming! For work or play, trail riding or in sand, ATV tires can be broken into four categories:

All-Terrain ATV tires are designed for general riding on any terrain that is not extreme. These versatile tires can handle some sand, light mud, trail riding and hard pack but they do not excel in any one area. They can be used year-round, have a longer tread life than mud tires and better cornering stability. If you trail ride most of the time with the occasional light mud or rocky terrain, this is the tread pattern for you.

Sand ATV tires are designed for the dunes, whether they’re in the desert or on the beach. With two distinctive tread patterns, these tires are excellent in the sand but poor performers on any other terrain. Both front and rear tires are designed to keep the ATV floating across the sand, with the center rib on the front tire providing steering control while the paddles on the rear tire provide excellent forward traction.

Mud ATV tires have deep, thick lugs to provide traction, even in the thickest, deepest mud bog you can find. The “knobbier”’ the tire, the better it is at keeping you moving through any soft-packed terrain (and covering you in mud!) Mud tires are often used as snow tires- the lugs that act as shovels to clear the mud perform the same action in snow. Due to their design, mud ATV tires mean a compromise in other areas- they wear aggressively with a stiff, loud ride on hard pack and trails.

Sport & Racing ATV tires are designed for events where speed and grip are equally important. They have significantly different tread patterns for the front and rear. The front tires are engineered to provide sharp steering response and control for the 2wd drive quads most commonly used in racing. The rear tires have a staggered design to get you out of the gates and corners quickly. The tread designs vary depending on the terrain that is being raced on (desert, motocross, cross-country, etc.) All ATV racing tires have light weight yet durable to handle the punishing racing conditions.

Once you have determined which tire is best for you, we can suggest great options to keep you moving. For extra grip, be sure to discuss chains for your ATV/UTV with us as well!

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