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Proudly Developed In Canada
Blackhawk Tires deliver strength, control, speed, and a razor-sharp grip like the powerful bird of prey itself. Blackhawk allows drivers to feel inspired with confidence to take control in navigating any road they tackle. With Blackhawk tires, “the road is your prey”.
Blackhawk tires sold at OK Tire stores
Exclusive at OK Tire

Blackhawk’s engineering team has extensive experience designing tires for major rubber companies around the world resulting in one of the most technically advanced passenger and light truck programs on the market today.

The tires are engineered with advanced tread and product construct built on a foundation of decades of manufacturing and R&D expertise. With a finished quality that rivals the industry’s best-known manufacturers, Blackhawk tires are the product of world class engineering and real world rugged Canadian testing to meet the highest of standards.

Only the best raw materials are used in Blackhawk tires and once these world class tires are produced, they are tested right here in Canada by a dedicated Canadian engineering team and a host of professional drivers.

Built to tackle all types of terrain, the consumer PLT line-up is extensive inspiring performance for cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs – all available exclusively at OK Tire.

Introducing Blackhawk IcePrey Winter Tires
Winter with Blackhawk HW02 & HW03

The HW02 & HW03 is Blackhawk’s studdable winter passenger tire range designed for drivers looking for unparalleled traction on ice and snow. The directional tread, with deep snow evacuation grooves and biting edge sipes, balances a smooth quiet ride with aggressive winter traction. The tread designs are engineered to provide excellent turning and stopping capabilities for even the worst Canadian winters.

  • Directional tread pattern features serrated channel design to improve traction on ice, snow, and mud.
  • Multi-directional sipes in HW02 and lateral sipes in HW03 increases contact area to improve grip and handling in ice and snow conditions, without compromise to ride comfort.
  • Specially formulated cold-resistant compound ensures that tires stay soft in order to provide excellent traction and handling.
with Blackhawk HW06

The HW06 is a Studdable tire designed for light trucks and SUVs. The aggressive directional tread pattern features X-Groove channels to evacuate slush and snow for superior traction on icy and snow-covered roads. Specially formulated tread rubber compound remains pliable and effective in the coldest temperatures.

  • X-Groove channel design promotes multidirectional grip in snow, slush, and wet conditions while minimizing road noise.
  • Solid center rib provides stability and superior handling while cornering in harsh winter conditions.
  • Specially formulated silica reinforced tread rubber ensures winter tires perform in the coldest temperatures.
Passenger, Light Truck, and SUV Tires
Blackhawk HH4S tire
All-Weather with Blackhawk HH4S
The HH4S is a true all-weather tire designed for year-round use in Canada. Engineered to deliver performance throughout all unpredictable conditions, it provides the comfort and silence of all-season tires with the capabilities of a winter tire. The HH4S tire meets the service requirements for 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certification, giving you the confidence to tackle all weather conditions.
Blackhawk HA11 tire
All-Terrain with Blackhawk HA11
The HA11 is a premium all-terrain tire that can handle on-and-off road terrains with ease. With an advanced tread pattern and aggressive sidewall, it delivers exceptional traction on all road conditions. Along with strength and durability it still delivers a smooth and quiet ride for cruising.

• Modern aggressive AT design.
• Multi width shoulder grooves improve wet grip.
• Stair-step tread grooves improves water evacuation and stone retention. High tensile strength bead wire.
• Jointless Bead Cover: spiral steel band wrapped around beads improves the structural rigidity of the tire resulting in a smooth ride.
• Extra Poly Ply for added strength.
• Rim protector
Blackhawk HH11 tire
All-Season with Blackhawk HH11
The HH11 is an all-season touring tire engineered to deliver exceptional handling and all-season performance. Featuring 4 wide circumferential grooves, this helps channel water away delivering excellent wet weather traction.