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Pirelli Tires Winter Rebate
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October 7th – December 19th

Rebate of up to $100 or 120 CAA Dollars with the purchase of 4 eligible Pirelli Tires. | 1$100 or 120 CAA Dollars Reward: P Zero Winter, Winter 270 Sottozero Serrie II | 2$70 or 90 CAA Dollars Reward: Winter Sottozero Family (except Winter 270 Sottozero Serrie II), Winter Snowcontrol Family, Winter Scorpion Family, Scorpion Ice Zero 2, Scorpion All Terrain Plus (Winter Approved), Ice Zero Asimmetrico | 3$50 or 70 CAA Dollars Reward: Winter Ice Zero FR, Ice Zero Studded, Cinturato Winter Family

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Please note that this offer does not permit a split reimbursement. If the consumer does not wish to receive the entire reimbursement with CAA DOLLARS (see option 1), then the consumer will receive the Pirelli rebate only. See details above. DETAILS: ** The $150 rebate is only valid for purchases made from October 7th to November 6th, 2022 for the P ZERO WINTER. As of November 7th 2022, the $150 rebate will no longer be accepted. This coupon is valid only for in-store purchases in Canada at participating Pirelli dealers from October 7th to December 19th, 2022. It is not eligible at Costco and Canadian Tire. This offer is exclusive to individuals residing in Canada only (excluding companies). The claim must be sent (online or by mail) by February 5, 2023 at the latest. Pirelli will not be responsible for illegible, incomplete, late, damaged or lost claims. This offer is subject to all applicable federal and provincial laws and municipal by-laws. Fraudulent applications may result in legal proceedings. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Allow up to ten (10) weeks for processing your rebate. For further information about the mail-in rebate offer or to follow up on your request after ten (10) weeks, please call 1-855-252-5393 or visit www.pirellipromo.com for information and tracking online. For further information about Pirelli products please visit www.pirelli.com. Offer eligible on the purchase of the following models: P Zero Winter, Winter 270 SottoZero Serie II, Winter 240 SottoZero Serie II, Winter 240 SottoZero, Winter SottoZero 3, Winter 210 SottoZero Serie II, Winter 210 SottoZero, Winter 210 Snowcontrol Serie 3, Winter 190 Snowcontrol Serie 3, Scorpion All Terrain Plus, Scorpion Winter Family, Scorpion Ice & Snow, Scorpion Ice Zero 2, ICE ZERO ASIMMETRICO, Winter Ice Zero FR, Winter Ice Zero STUDDED, Cinturato Winter Family. *Please read carefully, certain terms and conditions differ between the CAA rebate and Pirelli rebate. 1 – IF YOU CHOOSE THE CAA REBATE: You will receive only CAA DOLLARS. This is not an instant rebate. A minimum of four (4) tires of the same model must be purchased per rebate and a maximum of two (2) rebates is allowed by valid CAA Membership card. Your CAA DOLLARS will be added to your CAA account within ten (10) weeks from the date we receive your claim. NOTE: If the purchase is made outside of the promotional period, that is, between October 7th to December 19th, 2022, the eligible rebate will be 20 CAA DOLLARS instead of the full amount as detailed above.

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Pirelli tires are available in many variations to cover all types of vehicles, from compact cars, sedans, SUVs, CUVs, and sports cars. Ask one of our service advisors for details.


Ice Performance

    Directional tread pattern design enhances grip on all surfaces.
    Wide and squared footprint to increase contact area engineered to provide high grip level especially in the most severe icy conditions.
    The new 3D butterfly sipe technology is designed to keep tread blocks stable and maintains general stability for the vehicle even at high speeds.
    Increased footprint and improved regular pressure distribution for better traction and braking control. Specific sipes promote removal from tire surface of the water film generated by the ice under the tire.
    The highly engineered tread design and specific tire structure is the perfect example of Pirelli’s technology; that is constantly on the brink of discovering new technical elements to promote optimum control and handling for drivers.

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