RV Tires

Moving a heavy load across long distances, usually for hours at a time during the hottest months of the year; that’s the demand placed on your RV tires. The unit is then stored for several months before the adventures begin again.

OK Tire technicians are trained to understand the specific demands placed on recreational vehicles of all sizes. To prolong the life of your RV and its tires, and prevent an unexpected roadside overnight stay, here are a few tips from the experts.

Inspect your tires regularly. The drive to your destination may involve mountain hills, hot desert-like conditions, and tight turns- and that can be in one Province! High altitudes and temperature fluctuations can have an impact on your tires. Once you arrive, inspect the sidewalls and tread of your tires, looking for bulges or cuts, and any objects such as nails or rocks.

Storing your RV in the off-season presents a different set of challenges. Sitting idle for months can cause a drop in tire air pressure or flat spots. When preparing your RV for the summer, check the air pressure and ensure your tires haven’t cracked from temperature fluctuations. Take note of any weathering on the sidewall and inspect the valves and caps. This is an excellent time to take your RV to OK Tire for a full inspection. Preventative maintenance is very important, especially after a long season of sitting idle. Your local OK Tire can ensure your RV is ready for the season of road-trips.

Correct air pressure can make all the difference. Before departing on any trip, regardless of distance, check your air pressure while your tires are still cold. Under-inflated tires can cause poor-handling, irregular tread wear, and decreased fuel economy. Over-inflated tires can also cause uneven wear, and can affect your traction, braking and overall ride comfort.

When it’s time to purchase new tires, your OK Tire technician will help you choose the one that’s right for your RV. For class 6, 7 and coach-type vehicles, an OK Tire Commercial Centre will have the selection you need, while tires for smaller classes can be found at any OK Tire location.

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