Installing a Tonneau Cover can add value, protect the truck bed and any cargo from the weather, and increase security and add some personal style.  With a number of variations and options from a basic roll back soft cover to a spring-loaded retractable hard cover, selecting the cover that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget can be a tricky decision.

A customer wanting a cover simply to add to the style of the truck, while protecting the truck bed may be interested in a hardcover to get that sleek look; while someone is looking for more functional, would be recommended something that offers increased mobility.

Types of Tonneau Covers:

  • Folding: Typically made of a harder aluminum, and fold back in thirds for easy access.
  • Roll Up: Made of a softer vinyl, these roll up covers are manually retracted.
  • Retractable: Made of a stronger material, these snap back into a mounted canister at the front of the pickup truck bed.
  • Hinged– A one piece harder unit with shocks to hold it up.

Things to consider when purchasing a Tonneau cover:

  • Permanency: Do you want to be able to remove the cover, or leave it on permanently.
  • Toolbox: If you have a toolbox that you keep in your box, make sure that the cover will give you enough clearance or is compatible with your box, or to access the box.
  • Bed Rail Caps: not all Tonneau covers work with all bed or tailgate caps, make sure to check that your cover is compatible.
  • Locking mechanisms: with different locking styles including rotary latches, galvanized cables, and stainless-steel rods. The quality of materials used will be another consideration.

Ask your Service Advisor to see the varity of tonneau covers available through OK Tire.