OK Tire Franchise

Proud history, Promising future

With over 325 locations across Canada, OK Tire is the largest independent tire retailer in the country. Our philosophy is the same as it was when we started in 1953 – dealers are stronger united.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the challenge is to sell more in a marketplace dominated by manufacturer controlled distribution. An independent retailer cannot accomplish this as easily as the retailer who is part of a national chain.

Facts on the OK Tire Stores Concept

  1. Owner operated franchise sharing in the success of the company. We are 100% Canadian Dealer owned.
  2. Strength in numbers through buying power, combined advertising and marketing, a dedicated team of support staff, and sharing of ideas and market strategies with other OK Tire Dealers across Canada.
  3. Nationwide warranties for name brand products to add value to your existing Auto Service Business.
  4. Access to various HR support programs to assist you in attracting and retaining the best talent possible.
  5. Minimum inventory investment through warehouse distribution, inventory management, and replenishment programs.
  6. Our proven methods and programs can add additional profits to your company’s bottom line.

Our philosophy is the same as it was when we started in 1953 – dealers are stronger united.

The Support

Today, consumer’s expectations are higher than ever. Our growth is an acknowledgement of their trust in the OK Tire brand. New OK Tire locations benefit from:

  1. Strength in numbers – OK Tire Dealers have a greater chance for added success through combined buying and marketing programs.
  2. National Brand Recognition – OK Tire Dealers enjoy increased customer satisfaction and demand by offering a wide selection of quality brand names.
  3. Support every step of the way – OK Tire has a dedicated team of dealer consultants ready to assist your business become more profitable in all areas.

More Than Tires

OK Tire has locations across Canada offering complete automotive service, in addition to tires.

OK Tire Today

With over 325 locations and 11 Distribution Centres, OK Tire is the largest independently owned tire franchise in Canada. A new dealer gains instant market recognition and buying power, allowing them to compete in today’s highly competitive retail marketplace.

What are the prospects for your future?

With an OK Tire Franchise, you step into a ready-made system with the immediate identification of a recognized and trusted retail chain, all the while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit.

OK Tire is unique in that all franchised Dealers own all the voting shares in the company (one per franchise) and can thus play an active role in its future destiny. These franchised Dealers elect a Board of Directors who meet on a regular basis to guide the strategy and direction of the company.

The independent business person will benefit from our experienced management team that has been drawn from divergent business backgrounds. This coupled with the grass roots experience of existing OK Tire Dealers create the right opportunity for superior business growth and success.

Economies of Scale

Purchasing: Our purchasing power enables us to offer maximum discounts, favourable purchasing terms and reduced costs on everyday items to maximize your profits.

Advertising: In most cases, an independent retailer cannot afford to advertise successfully in large scale media. Collectively, OK Tire Dealers enjoy marketing clout through the combined efforts of advertising groups and Corporate Office support and coordination.


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