Individuals look to raise their vehicle for functional and aesthetic purposes using either a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit.  Both lift kits perform the objective of raising the vehicle; however, there are significant differences in both costs and functionality.

A body lift uses a combination of blocks and spacers to lift the body of the truck higher onto the frame of the vehicle, without altering any of the suspension, steering or ground clearance of the truck.

A suspension lift does nearly the opposite of a body lift.  The frame and body of the truck are lifted higher by replacing most; if not all of the components related to the suspension including shocks, struts, springs, control arms, and even in some cases the steering and driveshaft components. This type of lift offers the most overall versatility of an all-around off-road vehicle.

Talk to your OK Tire Service Advisor about the option that best fits your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget.