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Lift Kits and Suspension

Shocks and Struts are the most important elements of ride control. They support and control the vehicle’s weight, provide smooth steering pivots, handle body roll, and stability. OK Tire has relationships with popular companies like KYB and Moog, providing our stores with a variety of aftermarket options for our customers. Upgrading your suspension will provide smoother steering pivots, minimized body roll, and improved stability.

The KYB Excel-G

The KYB Excel-G is a line of twin-tube replacement shocks, struts, and cartridges. Restoring handling and control, the Excel-G line was built with the quality matching or exceeding OE. The components and valving are ESC-ready, designed specifically for each application, and calibrated to compensate for worn parts.

The KYB Gas-a-just

The KYB Gas-a-just is a monotube shock that increases performance and stability by delivering handling and control when upgrading from a twin-tube design. The increase in steering responsiveness is noticed while the Gas-a-just automatically adjusts your driving conditions. Consider the KYB Gas-a-just for your car, truck, van, or SUV if you’re looking to replace your OE monotube, or if you want to upgrade from a twin tube.

KYB Strut Mounts

Looking for optimized suspension and steering performance? Consider replacing your strut mounts with a KYB Strut Mount. Acting as a pivot for the steering mechanism, the KYB Strut Mounts provide a smooth steering response while reducing squeaks, rattles, and vibration noises. Just like all other KYB products, the KYB Strut Mounts are built with design and quality that matches or exceeds OE.

Air Ride Suspension

Air suspension provides a smooth and consistent ride quality by using or replacing conventional steel springs and struts in passenger cars and trucks. Electronically controlled by the vehicle’s on-board computer, many air suspension systems offer a self-levelling function that raises and lowers the vehicle to the driver’s preference. Contact your local OK Tire store for more information about air ride suspension.

Lift Kits

Whether you’re looking to conquer a job site, go on an off-road adventure, or just give your vehicle a more rugged look, an OK Tire technician can recommend the right lift kits, leveling kits, and tires for you.

There are two types of lift kits – a body lift kit and a suspension lift kit. Both lift kits perform the objective of raising the vehicle, however, there are significant differences in both costs and functionality. A body lift uses a combination of blocks and spacers to lift the body of the truck higher onto the frame of the vehicle without altering any of the suspension, steering, or ground clearance of the truck.

A suspension lift does nearly the opposite of a body lift. The frame and body of the truck are lifted higher by replacing most (if not all) the components related to the suspension—including shocks, struts, springs, control arms, and even in some cases the steering and driveshaft components. This type of lift offers the most overall versatility of an all-around off-road vehicle.

Leveling kits

Used both for functional and aesthetic purposes, leveling kits raise the front end of the truck up to get it in line and level with the rear end. Truck manufacturers build their truck suspensions with the rear end resting higher than the front to compensate for the heavy loads they were designed to carry. As the truck is loaded down with weight, it will begin to compress the rear springs, causing the rear end of the truck to drop down to be in-line with the front. Installing a leveling kit will change the look of the vehicle without sacrificing the function or capacity, as long as the truck’s suspension is not affected. Ask your OK Tire technician about leveling kits and the impact they will have on your vehicle.

Ask your Service Advisor to see the variety of Trailer Hitches available through OK Tire.