Aftermarket Parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are often produced by the same manufacturers that manufacture aftermarket parts. The biggest difference is that OEM parts are designed for a vehicle that is brand new with absolutely no wear and tear, and usually by the lowest bidder. While this is not meant to imply cheap quality, rather, that the part is designed to meet the minimum standards stipulated by the vehicles engineers. Set standards include performance, emission and government safely standards; however, may not be built to last as reflected with shorter warranty periods.

OEM parts are often produced by the same manufacturers that produce aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket parts on the other hand, are produced with equal or stronger types of materials, service the same purpose as the original, and often have much longer warranty periods. Because performance requirements for a vehicle with significant mileage are much higher, it takes a better engineered part to return the vehicle to original operating standard.

Aftermarket Parts for your repair or scheduled maintenance

Improving a pre-existing product invites completion resulting in a greater selection. With this increased selection and competition, the price of the product is generally decreased and the availability of stock is increased. This means, when you need a part you have better options, in stock and at a lower cost. As trained professionals, OK Tire technicians are skilled at working with both OEM and aftermarket parts on all makes and models of vehicles.Ask your Service Advisor If you have questions regarding the parts used on your vehicle during your repair or maintenance work.

The concept of parts unknown

The concept of parts unknown or strictly using parts provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer is not necessarily relevant with aftermarket parts. Most manufacturers either buy or produce the same parts purchased by Aftermarket Service Providers. Working with an Aftermarket Service Provider ensures that you receive the best part for your vehicle, not simply the part someone else wants to sell you.