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How to get your car spring ready

Spring weather is here, which means it’s time for a little spring cleaning to help you stay on track for those summer getaways. And while you’re going through your annual spring refresher, don’t forget to give a little love to your car.
We know a good car wash is in order after a winter full of harsh road salt and slushy driving – but don’t stop there. Check out these five ways to make your vehicle feel like new again, just in time for the warmer seasons ahead.

Air it out

The air inside your car can get stale after a winter of closed-window driving. Think about all the dust and odours that have accumulated over the winter months. Airing out your vehicle and letting some fresh air in will do wonders and freshen things up for spring. You can even go one step further and plug in an air-vent freshener to get that new car smell back.

Deep clean

Remember, all winter long we’ve been wearing slushy boots and snow-covered jackets. Protect your interior by giving it a good vacuum, wiping down your seats and deep cleaning those floor mats.

Wash and wax

A visit to the car wash or even an at-home driveway wash can do wonders for getting rid of salt stains and winter build up on your car. Properly washing away the effects of winter is crucial for preventing deterioration. And make sure you include a coat of wax to protect your vehicle from salt damage. An at-home car wash is also the perfect way to take advantage of the warm spring weather and soak up some sun!

Replenish your fluids

Think of spring cleaning as your reminder to check everything out – including your vehicle’s fluids. Checking the oil and ensuring everything is topped up should be done regularly. This includes washer fluid and coolant.

Final touches

After all the DIY cleaning, make sure you get a full inspection done by a certified technician. This includes checking out your headlights (are they burnt out?), wipers (have they worn down?) and alignment (how’s your suspension?). Finally, switch out those winter tires once the weather has been consistently above 7 degrees Celsius for three to five days.

Summer is on its way. And getting your vehicle ready before the seasons change should be one of your first steps to ensure a summer free of stress. Head into your nearest OK Tire location and see how you can get on top of spring cleaning and drive on through to summer.